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Air Fryer Oven

Keeps DNA and RNA of food items in tact

Made from 304, 306, 310 and 430L standard Stainless steel

Powered by 1800 W and energy efficient



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Product Name: Air Fryer Oven

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Technical Specification:

1. Capacity: 25L
2. Power: 1800W
3. Voltage: 120V
4. Timer: 12 Hrs
5. Temperature: 30-230℃
6. Accessories: Air Fry Basket, Baking Tray, Oven Rack
7. Material of Construction : Stainless Steel  304, 306, 310, 430 L

Silent Features:

  1. Super power 1800w with dual-way fans for both heating and cooling to integrate.
  2. Hot Air technology in the oven structure, yet keeping good heat dissipation.
  3. Robust Design with stainless steel for today’s High-End Kitchen
  4.  Larger capacity of 25 LTR, generously sized interior lets you cook multiple servings
    and different foods at the same time.
  5.  4 layers for versatile use, with internal light to see what’s happening inside the oven
    as you’re cooking.
  6.  8/10 pre-set functions Wide range: Bake, Broil, Pizza, Roast, Toast, Bagel, Reheat,
    Warm etc.,
  7. Low temperature setting to slow cook and sous vide, braise and more. Plus,
    dedicated functions for Dehydrating and Proofing
  8. You can cook or Air Fry 5 lbs / 2.30 kg of chicken wings, 4 lbs/1.80 kg French fires,
    Toast 6 slices of bread, Bake a 12-inch pizza or Roast 11 lbs (5.0KGS ) chicken.
  9. Wide temperature range: 30 °C – 230 °C
  10. Adjustable time with pre-set ranges for each function
  11. Defrost and high/low convection fan speed options
  12. Easy to clean cavity, dishwasher-safe pan and Air Fryer basket
  13. Big wind scooper will create more bigger hot air circulation, which means the food
    will be heating more evenly and faster
  14. 2 layers toughened glasses is strong enough to resistant 300°C high temperature.
  15. 0.5mm thick SS430 body shell bring you high-end performance.
  16. 6mm depth crumbly tray can collect residues and oil for 500ml

Working Principle:

Roasting: heating / baking in the excess of oxygen, which is a controlled oxidation process
where required oxygen is added to the nutrients for better absorption. Hot air is used for
this purpose.

Drying: Removal of moisture down to 1% without decomposition. Wherever purity of
product is required, homogeneity is of importance, spray drying is used but has serious
limitations. Drying by using oxygen is the most effective way of preserving 100% nutrition.
All high end industrial drying operations employ hot air drying for the purpose. It
enhances the nutritive values.

Dehydration: A process / reaction, a water molecule is removed from food/compound.
Operationally an Air fryer does the roasting in the presence of oxygen, without burning the
food. The Oxygen diffuses form outside to inside the food and making it more electron rich
food and dehydrating unlike a microwave does the job from inside to outside, taking away
the electrons form the food.

Technically An air fryer contains a heating coil. As the coil heats, a fan blows the heat,
evenly cooking the food inside the frying basket An air-fryer is used to cook without oil. It
cooks with the help of oxygen, hot air. In industries where high levels of purity and quality
are needed air is heated first and then pumped in, which is an expensive affair. It is an
energy efficient and nutrient conserving process.

Advantages of Air fryers:

  1. Though people claim, when compared microwave ovens it takes more time for
    cooking as a disadvantage; But in terms of preserving nutrition of the food it is
    considered as a greatest advantage.
  2. Air fryers work wonders in frying things with a fraction of oil/ no oil. Advanced cooking styles of these modern-day fryers make them amazing when compared to traditional deep fryers while delivering similar taste, fragrance, and texture, what’s more! It considered as a “healthier” alternative to deep frying.
  3. Air fryer consumes less power when compared to microwaves of same capacity.
  4. Role of temperature: Air fryers have higher operating range when compared to conventional microwave ovens in the House hold application range.
  5. Technological Superiority: Radiation in microwave ovens used to cook food often is considered a negative aspect, since lots of energy is already packed in this process, on the contrary Air fryer oven uses radiated heat to cook the foodstuffs. So, the harmful electromagnetic radiation does not pose any threat to the food. Thus air fryers are safe, which works on proven technology.


Advantages of having Big Volume Air fryer over Small Air fryer: (Please look in to
detailed illustration in PDF document forwarded “Our Air fryer oven vs Traditional Air fryer , Air oven”)
From the equation >>> Q ∝ Δ A t
Where Q = Heat absorbed
A = Heat transfer area
t = contact time
In a bigger volume air fryer having wider tray, the area exposed and time are more than in
less volume/compact / ordinary/ basket type air fryer, thus results in less cooking time.
That’s why moving from basket type to tray type with bigger volume not only conserves
the energy in turn conserves the nutrition.
How it is different from Microwave oven?
A microwave oven produces microwaves that vibrate the water molecules in the food. As
the molecules vibrate, they create heat. A microwave oven produces microwaves that
vibrate the water molecules in the food. As the molecules vibrate, they create heat.

Though People refers advantage of using microwaves reduces the cooking time, but as Dr.
Kuamr explained any food prepared by fast cooking is very very detrimental to body when
Disadvantages of Microwave cooking:

  1. Studies shows that it produces cancer causing agents due to irradiation of
    housing or plastic material.
  2. The microwave ovens cook about six times faster. Thus it kills the percentage of
    nutrients, the texture of food, color, by that many times and taste also will change.
  3. It leads to dehydration, as the water content decreases and food are more prone
    to drying, and the cooked food is sometimes unevenly cooked.
  4. When Microwave ovens are switched ON, they can be harmful if you stand
    directly in front of them, as it releases radioactivity into the environment and
    causes degeneration of the immune system.
  5. Size limitation: Food thicker than 1-1.5 inches cannot be cooked evenly since
    microwaves can penetrate only up to the depth of 1.5 inches