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Engineered Meditation Cushion only for participants who ordered for Meditation Course

Please select country as USA in shipping address to complete the order. However, cushion will be available for you to collect at the Summer Meditation Retreat Spiti 2022.

Fully stuffed and made from virgin cotton because it is the best




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Product Name:  Engineered Meditation Cushion

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It is suggested to have engineered meditation cushion suitable for meditation as used by traditions for balance, stability and comfort so that an aspirant can focus and concentrate. Every saint explains about the importance of sitting in erect and comfort . Usually a cushion is initiated under the Guru, and the same cushion is for life time…or as long as it lasts, since the cushion carries your consciousness. 24 hours of practice on that cushion makes it auspicious for you. It helps for home practice.

A dedicated cushion will carry your energies and you can get into actual practice very easily whenever you start a meditation session. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you should have your own meditation cushion.