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Garcinia Indica Concentrate

A Power House of Antioxidant

Rich in Anthocyanins, Garcinol and Hydroxycitric acid.



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Product Name:  Garcinia Indica Concentrate

Quantity: 500 ML


Garcinia Indica is also known as Kokum in thick concentrate form, with no added sugar or adulteration.

  1. Technology of ‘Vacum Extraction’ is used to make this concentrate keeping all the nature good in as is form, ensuring no damage of its Phytochemicals.
  2.  Each bottle of 500 ML is made from atleast 500 fruits of Kokum of High quality
  3. Rich in Anthocyanins, Garcinol and Hydroxycitric acid


  1.  It supports weight loss management
  2.  It has highest antioxidant quality
  3.  Significantly helps people with digestion problem, acidity  and constipation
  4.  It helps regulating blood sugar level
  5.  It has other medicinal properties like anti- aging,  skin health, gastrointestinal problems, great immune booster, anti-obesity agent, cardio protective and anti inflammatory.


Take 40 ml of concentrate, mix in 300 ml of warm water or you can mix in any beverages have twice a day, early morning and evening.


  1. As Garcinia Indica naturally has high level of Hydroxycitric acid,  one should consume this juice without touching their teeth

a) You can use straw to drink juice or

b) Add honey to the equivalent quantity of Garcinia concentrate or

c) Doing both ‘a’ & ‘b’

2. People with knee pain or  knee worn out issues,  should use only 1 or 2 tea spoon per day.