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Groundnut oil

”First & Second Pressed Groundnut oil” using ”Cold Pressed Technology” – in its Purest  & unadulterated form

With Highest Mono Saturated Fat

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Product Name:  Groundnut oil (Tamil Nadu)

Quantity:  1 Ltr


  1. This oil is made from very high grade Groundnut sourced from Tamil Nadu which is one the best quality from South India
  2. This oil is extracted from ‘Cold Pressed Technology’ which carry highest mono saturated fat and leaves oil naturally in its purest form.  ‘ This oil is ‘First & Second Pressed oil’
  3. It is absolutely unadulterated and Pure in Quality


Groundnut oil can be used for daily cooking purpose and  very good for deep oil fry as Ground oil is the only cooking oil which can resist high temperature

Note:  We are making available two types of Ground Nut oils,  one sourced from North Gujarat and other from South India – Tamil Nadu.     We suggest both type of oils to be used as both have its own unique merits.  One can see a huge difference between these two sourced oils.