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Organic Coconut Grated Powder

Special Grade Raw Coconut

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Product Name: Organic Coconut Grated Powder

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For ages coconut has been an integral part of Indian culture in all forms, only to realize how incredible our ancestors in scientific understanding the value of healthy fats that make our body Keto-Geneic,  Grated Coconut is used widely for different purposes to take advantage of its soluble and insoluble fiber content.   From chutney to making sweets, grated coconut can be used from vegetarian dishes to delicious non vegetarian dishes.  Where temperatures are  high, humidity is high, their coconut is like elixir to cool  down the body and calm down the mind.    Best ready fuel for brain, Kerala brains are known world over for their sharp memory , hardly people know their secret is in coconut.   Where coconut is used one can just think their culture is scientific.

This grated coconut is from estate produced organic special grade coconut called dark or brown coconut with size of hull exceeding 110 Centi meter.   The taste is far superior wherever added,  Very healthy for all kind of cooking and for kids too.


  1. Contains highest medium chain triglycerides
  2. Regulates cholesterol
  3. Promotes fat metabolism
  4. Highly tasty and homogeneous
  5. Adds 15% fiber, regulates blood sugar
  6. Healthy for hair, skin and nails

Usage:  Be liberal in using this in every dish, thus making your dish just keto genic.


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