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Will get high concentration hydrogen between 600-3000 ppb quickly within 3 minutes.



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Product Name:   Water Ionisor Steel Bottle (With Plantinum Coated Titanium Electrode PEM based Dupont Hydrogen Ion Membrane)

Quantity: 1 Bottle

Other Dimesions: 300 ml capacity, weight Appr.  480 gms

Material of lid:Food-grade ABS Bottle body material, High borosilicate glass & Food-grade ABS+PC

Flask MOC: Double walled  SS 316L inside

Electrode material:Titanium with Platinum Coating

Working mode3 minutes/5 minutes Working water for -350 mv ORP


Using SPE/PEM film which world class extreme filtration, remove impurities, which allows water to be more easily absorb by your body and also contains minerals. Only 3 minutes can produce a cup of hydrogen rich water with ORP of -350 mv. Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you.

Safe Food-Grade Material. The Portable Healthy Water Bottle is made with the double layer fine eco-friendly food-grade Silicon glass so it’s super tough, durable and safe.

EXCELLENT VERSATILITY: The generator suit for distilled water, purified water,mineral water and tap water, Mineral water bottle can be installed directly on the host base. Perfect for making hydrogen-rich water at anytime, anywhere.

MIRCLE WATER: The high quality water bottle contains bio minerals which react positively with water to create hydrogen rich would remove all the impurity from water including heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria. Helps filter out chlorine and other contaminants, so the water you drink will be more refreshing and clear.

GOOD CHARGE: It can be used about 20 times for one charging, Easy and convenient for office, travel and work


Other Usage Instruction:   

  1. Charge bottle cap after cleaning water inside with provided USB portal.  No need of keeping bottle while charging, Just ensure cap is cleaned without water before keeping for charging
  2.  After charging of bottle cap,  fill the bottle with water ONLY to the level indicated inside bottle with mark.
  3.  After filling the bottle with water and capping , turn the bottle upside down – then switch on the button.  Wait for button to automatically to get switched off.  Then turn the bottle head up , open cap and water is ready to drink or store.

Usage Caution:  

  1. Never charge the bottle with water insider with USB portal.    Charging is permitted only with cap plugged in after cleaning
  2. As these are electronic items , it has to be handled with care for long life.

Please read user manual in packing for other instruction and follow them accordingly.

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