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About us

About us

Ancient wisdom for modern molecules.

Vedic Nutraceuticals provides high quality products for healthy living, informed by the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda alongside cutting edge contemporary scientific research. Every single input into the body matters. Pramana, standards, as taught by Saint Patanjali are fundamental to Yoga. The standards of ingredient in every product is of the finest and purest. Because this is a selfless organisation, it has been possible to source, develop and offer highest quality at the most economical cost possible. Faulty and impure products, full of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients are prevalent in the world today. Vedic Nutraceuticals provides healthy alternatives for the products we use in our every-day lives, in addition to a range of unique formulations that address a wide range of health concerns and lifestyle disorders. These formulations are what our DNA desperately needs in order to cope with human’s rapidly changing lifestyle and inputs that cause a much higher level of stress and demand on the cell.

Health and happiness are intrinsically connected, yet we don’t always put the health of our mind and body first. We may have the highest standards for our appearance, our homes, our work and our technology, yet we often compromise when it comes to our own health. For this reason lifestyle diseases, also known as metabolic disorders at epidemic proportions in the world today. 

Vedic Nutraceuticals was developed by the under the direction/auspices of Dr Kumar an award winning scientist and internationally renowned Yogi. Dr Kumar holds two PhDs in Chemistry and Yoga/ Ayurveda. His wisdom and intricate understanding of the body, down to DNA level is unparalleled. He emphasises the importance of upholding the pure science of yoga maintained by ancient lineages and applying it to provide practical solutions to solve the problems of today.  With his connection to the Pool of Consciousness established at the level of Singularity, which runs everything in creation from dark energy through to the finest particles to the manifestation of life in the natural world, he has been able to formulate nutrients that restore, renew and develop cells for perfect healing and health. Due to his level of awareness Dr Kumar was able to create the elixir, Somarasa. The Gods won this magical formula praised in Rig Veda, after thousands of years it is available to support and sustain the body and mind, to live as humans have been designed to live, healthily for 120 years. The research and development of these products have taken place within a team of senior scientist in a world leading lab, led by Dr Kumar’s research, insight and vision.

In deepest gratitude to Dr Kumar for providing these excellent products to protect us and strengthen us to cope with the demands of modern life.