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Charma Lepana (Moisturizing and Fairness Cream)

Makes your skin healthier naturally and within

Makes your skin moisturizing, fair and glowing




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Product Name:   Charma Lepana (Moisturizing & Fairness Cream)

Quantity:  500 ML


This is 100% natural skin cream prepared from highest quality essential oils and natural purest butters and waxes.   This cream instantly gives the feeling of highest softness between fingers and its result is also the same on skin.  It is penetrating, nourishing , reparing, rejuvenating, whitening and highly hydrating.  This cream can be used as day and night cream and does not leave skin oily.

This cream is meant for all seasons and for all skin types and problems, since there is no skin irritating ingredients, it is a hypo allergic cream.

The smell is of purest champa absolute, the flower traditionally every Indian home should house for its exclusive fragrance of calming down nervous system by balancing neuro transmitter and hormones.

Super Benefits:

Super Hydration

Removes roughness and makes skin soft

Highly moisturizing , lasts for long time

Heals skin cracks of all types

Enhance fairness and flow of skin

Makes skin super smooth

Cream for all skin types


Apply the cream generously and keep your skin hydrated always. Apply during the day and before bed time