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Essential Bio Peptide Soap – 1KG

Bio-Peptide Soap

Pure, Caring and Soulful



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Essential Bio-Peptide Soap

Quantity:  1- Kilogram


This soap is Pure, Caring and Soulful.

It has Mango Butter for softening

It has Shea Butter too for softening

It contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, MCT Oil, Pure Special Grade Coconut Oil, Castor Oil for cooling down, for emojen property, for moisturising capacity.

In addition with pure natural essential oils a fragrance called nagarmotha which helps in shaping the nuero-transimitters  

No chemicals, chemical fragrances added

IP Grade Alkali agent is used

It contains Indian pharmaceutical sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide

This soap ages. It ages just like whisky, honey, wine, jaggery, cheese, As it ages bio-peptides increases in it, this process is called curation which takes minimum 6-8 weeks, then its quality increases day by day, the more delayed to use the more the quality, it turns more beneficial.


Best skin care and cleansing of skin.

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