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Fermented Bio Rice Protein 80%

100% Bio Available Protein




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Product Name:  Fermented Bio Rice Protein 80%

Quantity:  2 KG


This rice protein is produced by fermenting rice protein using specialised species of probiotics and enzymes over night and then converted into a spray dried protein again using herbal gums unlike, unlike malto dextrine or sunflower or soy lecithin based conversions. With the result all drawbacks of a typical vegan protein such as poor conversion ratios, bloating problems, incomplete AMINO ACID profiles etc., are effectively overcome with this unique rice protein.

Effective for all ages and for all lifestyle related metabolic disorders.


  1. Boosts Metabolism
  2. Regulates Sugar and Cholesterol
  3. Helps Balancing Blood Glucose
  4. Contains Cinnamon and Ginger to Burn Fat
  5. To Build Muscle


Dissolve one scoop 30 Grams or 40 Grams in hot water.  Drinking twice a day is recommended.