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Herbal Spice Tea


Solution for all immunity problem



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Product Name:  Herbal Spice Tea

Quantity:   300 grams


Every year world over epidemics of respiratory problems have become common.  The only way to protect is to boost immunity to fight disease.  Any disease would impair digestive system affecting nutritional status of the body.  USDA (United State department of agriculture) prepared an extensive list for all food ingredients for their ORAC  (Oxygen Radical Absorption Activity) anti oxidant activity.    This is the only index for immunity.  It is a special blend of  all Indian special spices that are widely used in kitchen which naturally boost immunity, digestion, improve respiratory function, arrest acidity, gastritis, keeps joints free etc.


Key Benefits:

Helps in below condition

Common cold, flu , Asthma, COPD, Emphesema

Frequent fever and digestion problem

Constipation, Obesity, Acidity, Gastritis problem

Frees all joints, muscle and tension

Keeps active and alert


Mix one or two scoops in 300 ml of boiling water,  drink 2 to 3 times a day.

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