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Hridayamrutam Herbal Heart Drink 300 Grams



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Product Name: Hridayamrutam Herbal Heart Drink 300 Grams

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The Herbal Heart Drink is a blend of extracts of higher activity of those herbs and preparations that prooven through evidence based research in recommended doses so that modern cardio vascular related diseases inclluding stroke related can be addressed by three step methodology – first correcting endothelial inflammation and restoring its smoothness by super oxidants, the second is dissolving any low density plaques that block finest of capillaries, third is to regulate the heart pressure and strengthening the cardiac cells restoring their elasticity to maintain its youthfulness or cardiac output without any strain.

Useful to relief any strress, tension, anxiety, cortisol damage, heart racing in fight or flight mechanisms of involuntary spontaneous emotional reactions to maintain calmness and peace balancing heart rhythm and peace.

Useful in clearing blocks in blood circulatory system. Relieves thrombosis. Regular usage addresses obesity issues due to visceral fat, higher Tri Glycerols, low density cholesterol, etc. Helps in maintaining healthy lipid ratios.


3 grams or One Scoop in warm water three to four times a day, keeps heart problems prevented.