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Kidney Stone Remedy

Ancient Therapy & Definite Cure For Kidney Stones

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Product Name:  Kidney Stone Remedy

Quantity:   6 Tablets


This is an ancient therapy and a definite cure for kidney stones .   This is made from original formula of ancient days as a natural remedy for kidney stone problem.

Very powerful and highly effective in breaking all kind and all type of kidney stone

Usage and Preparation:

1. The day before taking this tablet in the night – Take only sweet fruits like apple  or somarasa drink or Vegetable soup ( No solid food)

2. Next day early morning empty stomach:   Pound 2 tablets in to nice powder,  mix the powder in the  30ml of hot water and drink it.

3. Repeat the same for next 2 days


1) This is on order made product,  so delivery will take nearly 10 days

2) Soon after receiving the tablets,  should start consuming from very next day without delay