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Kshara Rasa

The Most Powerful Alkaliser.



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Kshara rasa (The most powerful Alkaliser) helps in maintaining perfect pH balance in stomach, pancreas, liver, blood, and most importantly within the cell. There by it boosts metabolic functioning beta oxidation to dissolve fat. Kshara rasa is a powerful acid regulator.


Kshara rasa keeps you slim forever. Kshara rasa is a powerful expensive blend of molecules that keeps your skin soft, smooth like silky and anti aging. Intra cellular mitochondrial booster. Neutralizes ammonia in the liver. Improves perceived exertion. Makes body lighter by dissolving fat. Repairs all joints and frees all pains.

Usage and Dosage:

Dissolve 1 scoop in any beverage of your choice. Drink half an hour before meal 3 to 5 times a day

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