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North Kashmiri Mamra Almond Pure Oil – 1L

Pure Oil



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Product Name:  North Kashmiri Mamra Sweet Almond Pure oil

Quantity: 1000 ml


It is purest form of Kashmiri Mamra sweet almond cold pressed oil. High in antioxidant and great source of vitamin E.

Benefits & Usage:

It can be used both internally and externally.

  1. For rapid hair growth
  2. For cooling head
  3. For migraine headache
  4. Stress buster
  5. Sharpens memory
  6. Effective in lowering bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol to enhance arterial health significantly.
  7. For obesity
  8.  Helps managing blood sugar level

External application – Do you know Almond Oil is one the ancient and key product used in all beauty products?  It works greatly for your hair and skin.  Just apply on your skin & hair massage gently

Internal application –  Almond oil is great source of good fat and it is rich in monounsaturated fat.   You can use this by sprinkling on your salad, dosa, bread –   you can also drink one table spoon directly in the morning – it boost your digestion and strengthening nervous system


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