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Pain Cream – 500 ml

God given formula for any joint or muscular pain and sprain

Natural remedy for people suffering from body, muscular & joints pain



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Product Name:   Pain Cream

Quantity:  500 ml


This pain cream relieves pain in few minutes by mechanism of powerful infusion mechanisms of hand picked selective oils, which are effective analgesic and anti inflammatory.  The cream helps in increasing blood circulation, their by enhancing oxygen supply along by heating and cooling mechanism at the injured site.   This action can be felt immediately and even chronic and acute muscular joint and spine related pains can be found relieved.  The cream is very safe for using it as massage cream too to feel difference.    Skin only glow not blemish in its color unlike any prevailing pain relieving creams.   Only highest quality natural oil are used.    The blend is made with 45 years of rich expertise in the field of yoga kaya samvadana, a rare traditional yoga oil  massage to relieve pain like Ayurvedic skin treatments of detox.    Can be used for arthritis related problems too


Immediate relief from any injury

Excellent for sports injury

Good for post exercise muscle catch and pain

Releases any delayed on set off muscle soreness & non casual head ache.

Can be used as massage cream for instant effect

Frees stiffness of muscle and joint

Good for spinal related problems


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