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Somarasa Mulika – DETOX SERIES – 1KG

Single solution for all health problems – Detox Series

Holistic Herbal  Nutritional Drink



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Product Name:  Somarasa Mulika

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All health problems are called inflammatory disease or metabolic disorders or life style diseases, which mean lower metabolism due to poor intracellular detox and mitochondrial density, by which cell volume itself shrinking and its electric potential is highly varying from -10mv to +50mv, whereas a healthy cell potential should be -50mv. +50mv means a cancerous cell and -50mv means very healthy cell. The poor cell potential in turn is called lower concentration gradient of cytoplasm of a cell. The hyper chromatin in which our chief DNA exists, always senses this nutrient based concentration gradient of cytoplasm for regulation of all intra cellular metabolic, bio chemical pathways, functioning of organelle like mRNA, Ribosome, Endoplasm-a, Golgi, Lysosomes, cell membrane, mitochondria for repair, maintenance, rejuvenation, growth, replication etc., All our food and nutrients are to meet complete requirement of cell and its needs. We should understand more than a million cells die every second in our and replaced by new cells. Clearing the dead cell mass by conversion in to peptides is nutrient intensive process which includes 50 kinds of enzymes and to make new cell and healthy cell, a cell requires all building materials readily available. Any deficiency means DNA compromising which means affecting metabolism. Somarasa an alchemy of ancient alchemists like Patanjali, Sushrutha, Charaka etc., and consultant like Brihaspathi, who engineered elixir Somatropin, Somarasa, an antiageing molecule of elixir for gods.

This Mulika Somarasa contains 90 different formulations involving more than 300 different nutrients that are involved from cell death to replication. It is complete nutrition to maintain cell gradient, so that, the next second Somarasa in blood starts building a new healthy cell and solving all modern health related metabolic disorders. There is nothing your DNA, the soul of cell can ever ask for it to continue to live up to 120 years of healthy life.


Repairs RNA, DNA



Weight management

A holistic & complete nutrition drink for healthy living

It helps dissolve fat & weight management

Daily detox drink

Helps manage diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, cardiac problem, lungs, respiratory problems, fatty liver syndrome, joint problems, arthritis, memory, concentration , digestion, gas problems, hyper acidity, obesity, attention disorders and many more health problems.

Single solution for all health problems.

Usage and Dosage:

Dissolve half scoop in warm water and boil for 5 to 10 minutes.  Drink once a day preferably after meal.

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