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Sugandhi Dravya Shaakha Churna

Indian Curry Spice Mix Seasoning



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Product Name: Sugandhi Dravya Shaakha Churna

Quantity:  300 grams


The formula is based on ancient king Nala, who is also a master chef amongst gods known for highly skilled tasty and healthy dishes. The selective blend of spices with specialised vegan protein would be very helpful in setting GI alimentary canal environment. It balances pH from Stomach, Duodenum and Secum.


  1. Prevents Flatulence
  2. Prevents Acid Reflux
  3. Prevents Hyper Acidity
  4. Prevents Gastritis
  5. Prevents Indigestion
  6. Prevents Anorexia
  7. Frees constipation


4 Grams (1 scoop) per head serving.

Warm up oil to smoke point, add this spice mix, allow for a minute and add vegetables or meat either with water until its cooked well at low flame.