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Black Sesame Oil

Organic first press oil



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Product Name:  Black Sesame Oil

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Black Sesame /Till oil is excellent for cooking purposes and for cooking purposes the black sesame oil seeds are mixed with organic chemical free jaggery and then pressed, to avoid bitterness and pungent taste but for nutty flavor.   This oil also can be used for all other purposes, but the taste of this oil is far superior to white sesame oil.  These sesame seeds are cultivated in Maharashtra Black soils of Bijapur deccan plateu.  These sesame seeds are rich in lignin content also peroxidase activity possess anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.  Known to prevent skin cancer and excellent for all topical applications and preparation of Ayurveda or herbal preparations.   Good for winter savouries too to keep the body warmth and to prevent skin dehydration.   The oil  is extracted using only cold pressed at lower pressure extracting only 60% of total oil to avoid sepage of unwanted aromatic compounds.

Other benefits:

Super rich in flavour

Increase HDL cholesterol

Decreases triglycerides cholesterol

Excellent for skin

Excellent for cooking

Purifies enviornment