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Vegan Milk Peptides 300 Grams

Vegan Milk Peptides  (300 grams)



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Vegan Milk Peptides  РQuantity (300 grams)


VMP is a pure combination of bio active peptides prepared from bio synthesis of respective milk of tender coconut pulp, fermented milk of almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts and hazel nuts.


VMP contains all nutrients milk, the only amino acids, essential fatty acids, micro nutrients and healthy oligo saccharides. It makes body ketogenic, fat burning property due to medium chain triglycerides such as Octonoic and Deconoic carbon chain.


Add 2 scoop (approx. 10grm) into black tea or Coffee to make it the tasty beverage.
Add 4 scoops into 100ml of hot water to prepare as milk substitute. It can be used as the best milk substitute for preparing the healthy organic ice cream, cake, kheer, excellent substitute for ghee for veg and non-vegetarian dishes including biryani.

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